About Fire District 21


“To provide emergency services to the community through our commitment to serve and protect life and property with outstanding professionalism”

Core Values

Integrity    Community    Family    Compassion

Vision Statement

A safe, healthy, and protected community for years to come

Snohomish County Fire District 21

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Snohomish County Fire Protection District 21 is an all hazards Fire Department providing fire protection, emergency medical services, and rescue services to a large area surrounding the City of Arlington.  The District covers 70-square miles, making us one of the largest fire districts in Snohomish County.  Fire District 21 includes the communities of Trafton, Arlington Heights, Jim Creek, Lake Riley, Cicero, Jordan River Trails, Edgecomb, Sisco Heights, and northern sections of the Jordan Road, Burn Road and McElroy Road.  The population residing within Fire District 21 is about 8,800 people with approximately 5,910 registered voters.

Fire District 21 operates out of two fire stations, one located in the Arlington Heights area and the other on McElroy Rd.  The District receives over 1,500 calls for service District-wide, of which the majority are medical. Partnerships with neighboring fire districts in the south and west regions of the District have allowed for rapid responses, District-wide.

The District is governed by three Fire Commissioners and is managed by Fire Chief Chad Schmidt. We also have a Day Time Lieutenant and 6 full time Firefighters/EMTs.

Station 49 District 21 has 5 Volunteer Firefighters and is staffed around the clock with a minimum of 2 Career Firefighter/EMT’s every day.


Chief Chad Schmidt

Chief Chad Schmidt

History of Snohomish County Fire District No. 21


Snohomish County Fire Protection District No. 21 was created on October 25, 1960 through a public vote with Lewis Rylie, Martin O’Sullivan, and Clifford Rod, elected as the first commissioners presiding over the governance of the District. Originally all emergency services were contracted through the City of Arlington and Cascade Hospital, until…


1974 when the District built its own fire station (Station 49) in the Arlington Heights area. Our firefighters have historically and continue to consist of an all-volunteer complement, staffing the Arlington Heights Fire Station during daytime hours and responding from home at night. Currently, the District employs an administrative staff consisting of a part time district secretary, and three chief officers.


Station 49 originally was built in 1974 with 2 truck bays, a small office area and bathrooms. In 1987, the station had 2 additional truck bays built on to house apparatus that were at the time, being parked outside. In 1998, another addition was constructed to either side of the station to incorporate laundry and work areas, a water treatment system, a backup power generation system, and meeting room.

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We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are not sure whether the situation is a true emergency, we recommend calling 911 and letting the dispatcher determine whether you need emergency help.

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(360) 435-3311


Chad Schmidt, District Fire Chief


Station 49 Location

12131 228th St NE,
Arlington, WA 98223